Sunday, September 4, 2011

Its been a minute!

     I know its been awhile, but here goes nothing. Lets see, well I've been pcs'ed to Ft Sam Houston TX, and let me tell you its been rough. From the financial issue to the home life to everything it seems like. I wrote my family off, got my son back, and managed to piss everyone off in the process. Do I care? Not only no but HELL NO! I don't give a good god damn who you are I did what was right. No regrets no excuses.
     To start with my family decided my wife and kids were too much. On top of it all I wasn't being a good parent in their eyes. Fuck them! I'll raise my kids how I want! Who the fuck are they to judge me? After all they are alot of the reasons why I left their house to begin with when I was 14. So fuck them! I no longer have anything to do with them. They are dead to like as if I went to their funeral.
     My Wife! What more can I say? That woman has stuck by me through it all. Thanks love!Fuck everyone else they don't matter as long as I have you.
     My son! Welcome home! Love my baby boy! you are what makes me smile and keeps me going when its been rough.
    All in all It could be worse but at least I'm happy! So here's your fucking update. Now go drink and be fucking happy!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Leave Your Pity at the Door

     I know it's been awhile, but let me tell you boy, it's been a long, hard road that my family and I are traveling on right now. If most of you don't already know, then let me let you in. My son was placed in to a residential treatment center (RTC) on the 31st of March. Now I ain't gonna tell y'all where, because of certain issues that I'll get to as you read on. My seven year boy will more than likely be there for six to eight months due to his issues. Pretty much the boys and girls with their nifty little pieces of paper on their walls are going to reprogram and re-tool my son's head. Does he need it? Hell yeah he does. With what all he's been through you would too. So I ain't asking for your pity, but I want you all to understand about where I'm coming from right now and probably for awhile.
     Like my mother has told me time and time again, there ain't no better place to start than at the beginning. So let's all load up (don't mind the beer bottles and hand grenade pins, been busy recently) and take a ride back almost five years ago. If you knew me back then you would have said this boy is wild and he ain't ever gonna settle down. I was the life of any party I went to. The fighter, the lover, the comedian, the drunk, and the asshole all rolled up into one skinny little fuck. I didn't care about anything except where I was going to get my next drink from. I like to say I was living my life in the bottom of a bottle. Looking for answers that weren't there. I was split from my first wife, wrote my entire family off, trying to forget two tours of combat, and just being a general shit head. I had just got busted down from SSG to SPC (that's staff sergeant, SSG/E-6, and specialist, SPC/E-4) for lies that finally got the better of me. So my give-a-fuck meter was pretty much pegged out. When myself and a couple of drinking buddies decided to go out and raise hell. We had started our night off at a seedy little strip joint on the only main road in this two horse town affectionately known as Leesville. The booze was flowing and the boobs was a jiggling and I wasn't caring as usual. When from across the smoke lit atmosphere these two chicks caught my attention. Which is kinda hard to do with the amount of ADD I have. Come to find out these two were friends and they were out celebrating one of their birthday's. So being the little slick shit that I had come to be, I ended up taking one back to a hotel room and regretting it for the rest of my life (my wife never lets me live it down either). Well we all ended up going out the very next night, after I had been held hostage by the afore mentioned mistake. That's another story for another time. I ended up going back to the one who's birthday was being celebrated and had ALOT of fun. So I hung around. Two days turned into three, and three days turned into two weeks. Now I had no desire what so ever to get into a relationship. I had gotten burned and had done the burning  back pretty bad. So I had no inclination to get wrapped up in another relationship. However, my heart started to thaw out and my heart and head beat out my pecker and I fell in love with the one person in my life who can and will put up with my shit. Sometimes at gun point, but she puts up with it. A very loving and caring woman who was just as scared up as I was (both physically and mentally messed up).
     So we hit it off. I asked her old man and her eldest daughter for her hand in marriage, and proposed to her on the 4th of July in a quaint little mountain town, during the fireworks, on the side of a mirror like lake. I knew then like I know now what I was getting myself into, and you know I have zero regrets. However our time was short lived. We moved around alot as I was going to deploy for the third time and finally settled on her living with her parents while I was gone.
     I left her with tears in my eyes and a promise that I would come back. Let me tell you, it was a very rough 14 months. I came home on leave mid-way through my deployment, and found out I now owned horses. Looking back it makes me chuckle, but that's not the most important part. One night while she was calling her kids (due to her dick head of an ex at the time, her kids where taken to go live with his sister and her husband. Pieces of shit to the letter.), they pleaded for her to come get her baby boy. She looked at me with tears in her eyes, her pride had almost gotten the better of her at this point, and asked if we could go get the little man. What the fuck do you think I said? FUCK YEAH, LETS GO NOW! I mean after all these were soon to be MY kids too. So we loaded up and headed for sunny Florida. We had a blast for four days. First time I ever went to Disney World, and I did it without hesitation. I got to know the three best things that ever happen to me and I knew that it was destined for them to come live with me and my wife.
     We loaded up the boy and left. I only had three more days to get to know the little pimp and then I flew back to hell. Well we went through alot in those last eight months. I lost my mind and damn near my soul, because I got too wrapped up in The Game (that's what I like to call close with and killing the enemy). I came back fucked up in the head. I had no direction and no purpose. I wasn't doing what I love (playing the game) and I couldn't deal with it. However, while I was gone my wife's, ex's, sister and husband dumped the other two (my daughters) on my then fiance. Well I did a lot of soul searching and came to the conclusion, you don't need to act or be like your biological mother. BE THERE FOR YOU WIFE AND THE KIDS. So I did and all was well.......for a little bit.
      All hell broke lose at the end of March. Her ex was coming home for good from Korea with his bought and paid for, drinky girl, whore of a wife. My wife's replacement. If you can't tell I hate the bitch. So due to the legality of the situation we loaded up the kids and took them back to their sperm donor. Looking back, I should have merc'ed the shit head when I saw him, but hind sights twenty-twenty. So with tears and booze we left them in what would come to be hell for them.
    Two months went by and in that time we moved on post, got two cats and adopted my other brother from another mother, MIKE. I also got to live the greatest day of my life on the 9th of May. I married the one person who could wade through the bullshit and see me for what I was. Who loved me, regardless of my eccentric peronsalitity, regardless of my issues, regardless period. On that day I made a solemn promise that I would be here NO MATTER WHAT! I meant it with all that I am, who I was, and all I could. This is one promise I will NEVER break.
    At the beginning of June we got the greatest gift for a wedding present.....we got all of the kids back for what was suppose to be a month. This is the best thing dick head could have done. For this one thing I thank him. However, this gift was broken and there isn't a return policy. My girls came back INFESTED with lice and dirty. My boy came back......well lets just say we are just now figuring out the damage that was done. This is the turning point. This is were I could have caved in and could have just said fuck it. Send them back to the sperm donor. Then again you are talking to the guy who, mid fire fight, with rounds snapping at my heels, pulled a stray Iraqi puppy out of the way. Stupid fucking dog. I stood my ground and said NO. These kids will not go back and damn the consequences. Well dick head didn't have a leg to stand on and he also wanted to erase his past. Erase everything he had done before he had met his fuck trophy. Mind you this is the same fuck trophy who he is cheating on even as we speak.
      Well all was well for a couple of months then it all hit. Before then I made the decision that all three of the kiddos where MINE! I like to say "I may not have been there for the conception but by fucking god these are my god damn kids". Typical Irish way of thinking. In case you don't know, back in the day, in order to keep the gene pool diverse on the island, the Irish would in a way adopt and make the individuals damn near full blood relations. There was no legal system or piece of paper that could or would say that those people who were adopted where not apart of that Irishman's family. It was excepted. So these are my KIDS! Fuck off if you think I need some guy in a black robe and a piece of paper that says as much. Ok, back to it, well when it hit, it hit like a freight train. We admitted my boy into his first acute treatment. This lasted for two weeks, and he came out with confirmed ADHD. Everything else was speculation. The fuck faces with the neat little pieces of paper on the wall couldn't determind if he had PTSD or what was up with him. So we went back and forth with his "doctors" (fuck I'm a doctor too. I swear it! I have a PHD in merc'ing people. I mean if it only takes 8-10 years to get a PHD then fuck, just call me doctor.)  Finally they came off with another diagnosis....... PTSD. Post traumatic stress disorder at the age of six? What the fuck? Well with all of the hell he has been through I don't doubt it. I mean I have seen enemies who had shot and blown us up treated better then how my son was treated by his biological father and his sister and her husband. Some of this shit they did to him could be construed as torture.
      Well the 1st treatment lasted for a little while and then he had to go back to acute care again. This one was a little longer. However, when he came out he was better. He could cope with most of his issues and work through them. Then my eldest daughter came to us about what her dick head of a sperm donor did to her. Ohhh did hell break lose. Lets just say that I got told and ordered by a general not to be with in 50 miles of dick head. So as not to end up in prison I obeyed him. Well three weeks ago it all came to a head.
     My son came home from school all marked up. He had taken a marker to his face and...... yeah well with other things he got committed for a third time. This is the straw that broke the camels back. His new doctor (whom I like very much and actually respect.) recommended RTC. Well what chose do we have? None, I tell you. With my boys issues there is nothing we as parents can do. Between his sperm donor and his aunt and uncle in law they fucked him up. So here we sit praying and hoping they can help my boy. Now I'm not asking for your pity or sympathy. What I am asking, is that when you can and if you want, say a little prayer and just help us hope that my boy gets better. Don't worry about those people who did this to him. Their day will come and I just hope I'm there to witness and hopefully participate. Thanks to all who pray and help us hope. Now that I'm done I'm gonna drink a few beers and try to work through this.  

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Hidden Lousianna School System (what you don't know)

After a couple of years of close study of my kids going to school in LA I have reached a unique conclusion. The LA school system is actually a hidden Nazi agenda. I mean THEY ARE TRYING TO BRING AROUND THE 4TH REICH!!!!! Ludicrous you say? Bullshit you call? Are You out of your mind you think? Well I'm telling you it's true and I have the proof that the LA school system is a Nazi Fascist Regime. Here are the facts.

1) This is the first one I noticed because I never had to do it as a kid. When the kids at the school stand in a line the have their fingers on their lips and their hands on there hips. Now all one hand needs to do is go out from the lips and the other one just needs to go down a little to their side and BAM!!!!! You have the classic Nazi salute! I sat and watched as one of the Nazi Training Instructors (I shall call them NTI's from this point on) railed on a kid for not standing with his back straight and his hand on his lips wasn't quite there. FUCK!!!! I never had this happen to me.

2) Kinda goes with the first thing. When the kids are walking in a line they get their ass rode for shuffling. I'm here to tell you that it's perfectly fine for them to goose step though as a watched 6 of them go to class one day.

3) When they go over history in the classes they just kinda breeze over the American Revolution, the Civil War, and all the other ones until it hits WWI and WWII then ohhhh shit does it begin. I had my daughter come home and lecture me about how inventive and resilient the German people where during both of those major wars. NO SHIT THEY WERE INVENTIVE!!! Name me another group of people who slaughtered close to 4 and half million people in the planets history. NOT ONE! I mean I am in no way a Nazi or a support of a that kind of attitude or beliefs, but when my daughter spends more time on how good the Germans where, something is fucked up.

4) Look at the school code! I mean some of the shit in there reflects Nazi propaganda. Boys can't have ear rings (bullshit!!). Girls can't have hair dyed in funky colors ( I don't know how this takes away from learning but apparently it does). THEY HAVE TO WEAR UNIFORMS FOR FUCKS SAKE!!! No other school system that I have been around does, but fucking LA needs them. What the fuck for? Hell if I know? You get ridiculed if their uniforms are not starched like my BDU's where back in the day.

5) This were we as nation fucked up but LA took it to a whole new level. No God in school. FUCK THAT!!! School might be one of the only places that gives you something to believe in. Some schools here don't even say the pledge in the morning. So who are these kids loyal too? I'll tell you! My son didn't know the pledge of allegiance until he switched schools but he could tell me when Hitlers birthday was. FUCKING LA Schools.

6) Volunteering. If you don't do it your looked at like trash. Un-Nazi like. Trust me I get it all the time. If you do though, you have unrestricted access to the school and you get to boss around those poor kids. SOUNDS LIKE HITLER YOUTH TO ME!!!!!!!! Hell, here in LA you can even get school credits for volunteering if your in high school. \

7) The play grounds are set up like obstacle courses. Look at all the terrorist and old school military training videos and you'll see that most of the equipment the used is the same shit on my kid's play ground. FUCK!!


8) My kids know more German than they do any other language. Need I say more.

So see for yourself that the LA School system is starting the 4th Reich. When we are all goose stepping in line and throwing the Nazi salute around with our greeting then you'll know I was right. ......... maybe I'm being paranoid........I need a beer.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Suck on it Saturday?

Sitting at the house relaxing yesterday, enjoying the last part of my leave when someone knocked on the door. I'm thinking what the fuck? Who in the hell has the nerve to knock on my door? Side bar note: I'm rather un-popular in my neighborhood for being a dick to people knocking on my door and other people trying to tell me what I should do with my life and my house. Needless to say that when you tell someone that the next time they decide to come tell me what their fucking problem with me is your going to skin them alive and shove their balls down their throat, you kind of make a name for yourself. Yah, when the MP's get involved you know it's going to be fun. Anyways back to the suck on it part of Saturday. Who should be at my door? The mail person? NO! The UPS person? NO! One of the little hood rat bastard kids that prowl the neighborhood? NO, I think their parents tell them I eat people or something (cannibalism is support here unless your a Zombie). It was the LA CPS agent. I'm thinking "fucking great! What shit is my kid's sperm donor pulling now?" Well we all sit down and she starts explaining why she came. Turns out it's because my kids have missed soo many days of school due to those fucking little wonders of life: lice. I look at this lady, now realize I ain't mad at her, I'm fixing to go ballistic on the school, and I'm like "are you GOD DAMN SERIOUS". I have spent close to $5,000 this year trying to beat this issue in my house. From new beds, a new couch set, new bedding, bug bombs, shampoo, everything and anything to beat it, and you want to come at us like we haven't been doing shit. FUCK YOU!!!!  Twice, with no lube, and a unfinished rough sawed wooden dildo. I started pulling receipts, all of the products we had in the house, and even bank statements to show this lady. All the while I'm thinking "why should I have to prove to you what in the fuck I'm doing?" I know their are parents out there (and they should be housed in a small box that you can't sit in or stand in. You know kinda like the ones for veal calf's. Tazered every 10 minutes, fed rotten food, and have there nether regions run through razor wire every few hours. Those parents.) who don't take care of their kids. Good for nothing low lives. However, if you know me and my wife you know that my kids are SPOILED FUCKING ROTTEN. I do everything for them. This lady starts to defend herself and the CPS agency. Now our track record with them sucks. Issues in the past with the sperm donor have left me really jaded when it comes to the LA CPS system. Needless to say.......FUCK THEM! I hit the roof. Now here is the shocker..... I didn't go off on this slime. I kept my cool, because I know they have the power to take my kids. If that where to happen then I have the power also....... to commit mass fucking murder. So in order to avoid a life with out parole sentence (come on we are in a democratic, liberal, tree hugging, regime) in kept my mouth shut. Well we get done with our side of everything and this lady is impressed and appalled that we have gone to the extreme to beat this. She talks to the kids ( no big deal, I mean I abuse the neighborhood punks not my kids). She then tells me, and this is no shit, that "we should make a complaint against the school system". NO FUCKING WAY!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!! I DIDN'T KNOW THAT!!!!! HOLY SHIT, YOU HAVE SHOWN ME THE LIGHT AND THE WAY!!!!!........FUCK YOU! I'm not an idiot, even though most would disagree with that statement. So she get s to come back in 30 days and I have a surprise waiting for her! No it's not the .45 and some fishing line. It's much worse. I'm going to have my lawyer sitting right there. Shoot me, hang me, castrate me, but don't sit me in front of a lawyer. So I can't wait to tell the school system and the LA CPS people to SUCK ON IT!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Giving this a shot.

Well, I'm here! As if I haven't pissed off enough people face to face, I've now decided to do it all over the web. So all of you bleeding heart, liberal, little punks, you might want to walk away now. I'm a firm believer in the..... how to say this nicely.......fuck it........cleansing of the gene pool, one re-re at a time. I hate fake ass people who think the world owes them something, or those certain special (think chest slapping) people who think the world and everything in it revovles around them. Another thing that crawls under my skin is the "pity me" punks. You know the ones who everyday is a drama filled struggle and choose to try to escape reality with medication or attempted suicide. I say, fuck it, kill yourself and do me a favor so I dont have to read your bullshit or hear about it on the news. You know them emmo (whatever in the hell that means) idiots. If my grass was as emmo as some people are then I wouldn't need a lawn service. So with what all pisses me off here are some ground rules for you if you dare to keep reading.....

1)  Don't post your whinning on my page. I don't want to hear it. I have enough issues with out yours and could really care less what you think is wrong with you. Better yet, if you do decide to post your B.S. here I want you first to go buy a box of ammo, load up, ......... and try to suck start which ever weapon you choose. Anything else is a cry for attention and you should be the head.

2) Leave my family out of your issues. If you have a problem with me then take it up with me, and not my wife or kids. I will personally ensure your issues with me gets resolved....... one .50 cal round at a time.

3) If you like what you If you don't then dont read my blog. It's real simple! Don't be a fucking re-re and post some bull shit about how I'm all fucked up. I know I'm fucked up whats your excuse? Three tours of combat will fuck people up, I dont care who you are. If you do decide to leave a spite filled comment about how I need to find Jesus or some B.S. like that, then heres what I want you to do. Go to the nearest military post......find a bar that has alot of soldiers in it........walk up to the first group you see.......and run your cock-suck to them. If they don't kill you then it was fate and the world gets to hear you whine some more.

4) I support my brothers in arms. If you don't, or you (in the whinniest voice you can do) "don't like the wars this country is fighting" then you come do my fucking job. I know for a fact you'll get your feelings hurt (awww poor baby), and go crying to your mothers. "The big bad Army guy called me names". Fuck you! You pansy little shit stain on the underwear of humanity.

Four basic rules. Not too hard to follow I would hope. However there is always some re-re out there who thinks I give a damn. So follow the four rules and keep reading. Who knows you might actually laugh a little or throw up......or die.......or go clean the gene pool.......or......or.......drink a beer?