Saturday, February 12, 2011

Suck on it Saturday?

Sitting at the house relaxing yesterday, enjoying the last part of my leave when someone knocked on the door. I'm thinking what the fuck? Who in the hell has the nerve to knock on my door? Side bar note: I'm rather un-popular in my neighborhood for being a dick to people knocking on my door and other people trying to tell me what I should do with my life and my house. Needless to say that when you tell someone that the next time they decide to come tell me what their fucking problem with me is your going to skin them alive and shove their balls down their throat, you kind of make a name for yourself. Yah, when the MP's get involved you know it's going to be fun. Anyways back to the suck on it part of Saturday. Who should be at my door? The mail person? NO! The UPS person? NO! One of the little hood rat bastard kids that prowl the neighborhood? NO, I think their parents tell them I eat people or something (cannibalism is support here unless your a Zombie). It was the LA CPS agent. I'm thinking "fucking great! What shit is my kid's sperm donor pulling now?" Well we all sit down and she starts explaining why she came. Turns out it's because my kids have missed soo many days of school due to those fucking little wonders of life: lice. I look at this lady, now realize I ain't mad at her, I'm fixing to go ballistic on the school, and I'm like "are you GOD DAMN SERIOUS". I have spent close to $5,000 this year trying to beat this issue in my house. From new beds, a new couch set, new bedding, bug bombs, shampoo, everything and anything to beat it, and you want to come at us like we haven't been doing shit. FUCK YOU!!!!  Twice, with no lube, and a unfinished rough sawed wooden dildo. I started pulling receipts, all of the products we had in the house, and even bank statements to show this lady. All the while I'm thinking "why should I have to prove to you what in the fuck I'm doing?" I know their are parents out there (and they should be housed in a small box that you can't sit in or stand in. You know kinda like the ones for veal calf's. Tazered every 10 minutes, fed rotten food, and have there nether regions run through razor wire every few hours. Those parents.) who don't take care of their kids. Good for nothing low lives. However, if you know me and my wife you know that my kids are SPOILED FUCKING ROTTEN. I do everything for them. This lady starts to defend herself and the CPS agency. Now our track record with them sucks. Issues in the past with the sperm donor have left me really jaded when it comes to the LA CPS system. Needless to say.......FUCK THEM! I hit the roof. Now here is the shocker..... I didn't go off on this slime. I kept my cool, because I know they have the power to take my kids. If that where to happen then I have the power also....... to commit mass fucking murder. So in order to avoid a life with out parole sentence (come on we are in a democratic, liberal, tree hugging, regime) in kept my mouth shut. Well we get done with our side of everything and this lady is impressed and appalled that we have gone to the extreme to beat this. She talks to the kids ( no big deal, I mean I abuse the neighborhood punks not my kids). She then tells me, and this is no shit, that "we should make a complaint against the school system". NO FUCKING WAY!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!! I DIDN'T KNOW THAT!!!!! HOLY SHIT, YOU HAVE SHOWN ME THE LIGHT AND THE WAY!!!!!........FUCK YOU! I'm not an idiot, even though most would disagree with that statement. So she get s to come back in 30 days and I have a surprise waiting for her! No it's not the .45 and some fishing line. It's much worse. I'm going to have my lawyer sitting right there. Shoot me, hang me, castrate me, but don't sit me in front of a lawyer. So I can't wait to tell the school system and the LA CPS people to SUCK ON IT!

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  1. You can suck on something I have! Listen you have to play nice! Now I know why the kids across the street moved! Did you eat the small one?